We offer stabilized multifamily, 5+ units, loans $1mm+

Call for lowest Terms Available. Sweet spot loans $6mm


Full Platform:

  • Agency small and conventional via Fannie/Freddie ($1mm+ loan size)
  • Bridge ($10mm+ loans)
  • CMBS ($10mm+ loans)
  • HUD/FHA Perm ($3mm+ loans)
  • HUD/FHA Construction ($5mm+ loans)
  • Balance Sheet Construction ($25mm-$100mm loans).  Only top 25 MSAs, urban. 



Targeting loans between $10-30mm

Generally up to 75% ltc, up to 80% ltc for very strong scenarios

3-12 month interest reserve depending on in place dscr

Nationwide Prefer above 1.0x, will do deals with under 1.0x more selectively

Generally like sponsors to have at least 10% equity in the deal

Targeting loans between 10-30M